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Dear Lombard Lions,

Candy Days are almost upon us! While we were playing away the summer and thinking of other things, it was steadily moving our way. The kids are back in school and its time to get revved up to collect the cash!

Friday, the 9th is the official Candy Day. On that day, we need a full contingent of Lions and volunteers to raise money in support of our many charitable enterprises. So...I'm looking to see Lions Tobey and Pekny and Hulseberg and Caputo do that old "dotted line shuffle". I need Lions Turcotte and Renz and (add your name here __________________ ) to show us how the "Candy Day Car Dodge" is done!

In short...everyone on the street!

Team leaders will be contacting members and assigning locations. Let's do our best to get good coverage throughout the area. Those that want to make a "practice run" on Thursday the 8th and Saturday the 10th are encouraged to do so. We will not run out of candy.

There are only two ways to collect a lot of money on Candy Day. The first is to have someone give you a thousand dollars in the first hour. Then, go home and relax. The second way, and the way most often chosen, is to put in the time! In street collections, time is money,...barring, of course, that quick thousand dollar donation.

See you on the streets!


Jerry N. Bimber
2005 Candy Day Chairman....and the guy responsible for increasing collections over last year....anyone have a spare thousand dollars?



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