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DATE: December 16, 2004

Community Vision & Hearing program:
Lion Scott Tobey and I are reporting to you this month that we helped 3 individual students in Lombard get a vision screening and glasses (with the help of Lenscrafters). All 3 go to school in Lombard and range in age from 6 to 10 years old. This new program is really starting to pay off for us. We are able to help 3 or 4 people for less than what it previously cost us for 1 person. At the time of this printing two more requests for glasses and exams have been received for young students in the Lombard School System. If time permits they should also have a Merrier Christmas because of the Lombard Lions Club.

Where does it all go Department:
Donations scheduled during this months board meeting include, $ 200.00 to the Glenbard East HS Music Dept., $ 500.00 for the Christmas luncheon that we provided to the Deicke Home in Lombard & The Senior Men’s club. We will be sending $ 2,000.00 to RRAF for some much needed equipment in January. We will be sending money to NEDSRA in the near future (probably March). I will let you know how much after the next board meeting in January. The board also agreed to purchase some vision screening equipment for the Lombard School District 44 at a cost of $ 2,450.00. The HOTV vision screener for the ever-increasing preschool population and the Titmus vision screener for the older children are used for mass vision screenings throughout the district during the school year.

Past Due members:
If you are one of these members and you have not responded to our request for past due payment, then your time is just about up. All it takes is a phone call to Lion Ross, Lion Ernie or myself and we will make arrangements to assist you in taking care of your bill. Should we not hear from you by this time next month, you will be dropped from our roster.
The club does have an Associate member status (You would still be required to help us out on projects through manpower, but you would not be billed for any project’s tickets or dues). We would be glad to add your name to that Associates list, but you MUST pay off the balance you currently owe. If you are one of the above mentioned members and you still want to remain a part of our valuable service organization, please contact Lion Ross or Lion Ernie or me and we will help you figure out a way to take care of your overdue bill.

New Member Department:
If you read the above paragraph, you know we are in need of new members. We want people who will be committed to our organization and who are willing to work on projects while enjoying the fellowship of some fine, community minded people. Our club has experienced a rejuvenation of people who want to work hard and promote service in our community, but we are also experiencing a loss to our roster. Membership is the “life blood” of any organization and ours is no different. If you know of a person in the community who fits our motto, “WE SERVE”, then invite them to a meeting.

Holiday Magic:
Many thanks to Lions Scott Tobey, Paul Friederichs and Ross Caputo for taking care of the arrangements for our Annual Christmas lunch with Deicke and & the Senior Mens’ club. It is a lot of work organizing and getting food and raffle gifts for those involved. Next was our Annual Christmas Dinner at Glen Oak Country Club. Many thanks to Lion Bob Iorii and his wife Lisa, and also to Lion Ross Caputo and his wife Sheila, for handling all the details. The food was delicious, the surroundings were top notch and the company was fun and enjoyable. You should come next year and be a part of this terrific affair.

Lion Scott has asked me to let you know he still would like input from anyone in the club regarding the website or newsletter. We welcome all comments or suggestions in our commitment to provide you with the knowledge of what happens in the club.

Pancake Day:
Sunday February 6th is our Annual Pancake Day at the Community Building on Grace & St. Charles, Lion Dave Orr has asked me to remind you that we will be needing your help for this project. I will have the tickets printed shortly and Lion Dave will have them available to you for sale. Please remember to ask for extra tickets for all your friends and neighbors!

From The Prez:
As this year draws to a close and we anticipate the next year on the horizon. My thanks to the Lions of Lombard and spouses who made "2004" memorable by their dedication to service. As you celebrate the miracle of this season know that you have achieved as no other club has in our history. This small battalion of Lions has given a full measure to service and we have answered the call to participate, so that small frail children and vulnerable adults' lives will be richer and burdened a little less by the conditions of visual and hearing impairments. I would want to serve with none other at my side. My thanks and best wishes.

Lion Doc"candyman can"

Calendar of Events:
We need a Chairperson for the Diabetes awareness project in March. If you are interested in helping on this program, please contact Lion Ernie.

The District 1J Zone meeting is schedule for Feb. 16th at Angelo’s in Elmhurst. If you would like to attend, please notify Lion Ernie.

We DO have a regular scheduled meeting on December 21st at Old Country Buffet. Please attend! We don’t promise that Santa will make an appearance, but come share some Christmas Spirit.

Annual Bowling Tournament:
Sunday January 16th is the Annual Bowling Tournament at the Stardust Lanes in Addison. The Event Chairperson is Lion Steve Wilk Sr. Anyone who would like to bowl on our team call Steve at 620-4800 or e-mail stevewilksr@wilkinsuranceagency.com
With the holidays approaching please do this ASAP so we have an idea for reservations.

As always, the calendar of our activities and meetings is on our website: www.lombardlions.org . Please go there and check it out so, you will have no excuse why you didn’t know what was going on or when it was going on. Please call or write me anytime you have a gripe or a suggestion for the newsletter. It is your club. Get involved!

See you at the next meeting, take care and God bless,
Lion Dom

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