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DATE: February 11, 2005

I have to apologize right up front because, I lost my notes from the last board meeting and Iím playing this by remote memory.

Community Vision & Hearing program:
We have given assistance to 2 more residents since my last report. This brings us to a total of 9 residents (adults & children) that we have helped this year alone. I also spoke with Robert McBride who is the Assistant Principal for Education at Glenbard East High School, and he has told me of some students at East who are in desperate need of our assistance in getting eye exams and possibly glasses. Lion Scott Tobey has, once again, generously donated his talents to putting a new application together for us to give to all the schools so that we can better assist them. So far we have spent $450.00 on this budget and we are requesting another book of ten vouchers from Lenscrafters. The books cost $ 500.00 each. If we go through the next ten vouchers by the end of the fiscal year in June, we will have spent $ 1,000.00. If we were still using the old system, helping 20 residents would have cost us between $ 5,000.00 and $ 6,000.00. Quite a savings!!!

Past Due members:
All past due members, who have not paid their dues or have not responded to our continuing request for payment, will be dropped from our roster.

New Member Department:
We are really in need of some new members in this club. Every few of years we undergo a weeding out of those who donít live up to our membership pledge. This was one of those years. Obviously, when an organization loses members, it needs to replace them with quality people who will give new life to it. We are definitely no exception. Okay, here is your chance to get something back from the club. We are offering a contest to all existing members. The contest will run until June 30, 2005 (the end of our fiscal year). Anyone who brings in a new member is eligible to win. The Lion who brings in the most members will win a 1st prize, second prize or third prize. The member you bring in must still be in the club 1 year from now and he/she will have to have a current account with us and he/she will have had to work at least 2 (i.e. Candy Day, Pancake Day, Lilac Day Hot Dog stand etc.) of our major projects over their first year. This is quite an incentive and Iím sure someone in our club will be up to the task. Good luck to all of you!!!

(This is worth repeating)
Please check out our website. Lion Scott Tobey has done a remarkable job of creating and maintaining this site. He has some great links and photos from all of our projects and meetings. You should get into the habit of visiting the site at least once a month (right after you read the newsletter :O)). Lion Scott has asked me to let you know he still would like input from anyone in the club regarding the website or newsletter. We welcome all comments or suggestions in our commitment to provide you with the knowledge of what happens in the club.

Pancake Day:
Sunday February 6th we held our Annual Pancake Day at the Community Building on Grace & St. Charles, and Lion Dave Orr did a bang up job of masterminding this project once again. This year we had help from the Lombard Cub Scout Pack 40. They came in and helped set up and tear down all the tables. During the entire morning, they continually cleaned up after people and made sure all tables were supplied with syrup and whatever condiments that were needed. Thanks to Lion Jeff Cholewa for getting the boys involved. Although the final report is not in yet, Lion Dave says we should net over $ 1,000.00. Thanks to all Lions who gave of their time and energy to this project. Thanks also to Maxfields Restaurant on Roosevelt Road for donating the pancake mix and also to Lion Ross Caputoís neighbor (sorry I donít know his name) for allowing the use of that massive grill.

Key Boxes:
Lion Prez Ernie has gotten overwhelming support this year from the school health nurses who have been instrumental in placing The Key Recycling Boxes and Eyeglasses collection Boxes into many of the District 44 Schools for the first time. The Principals and the P.T.A. are currently putting together an incentive plan for the school that collects the largest number of keys by weight by the end of the school year. The proceeds of the project will go to fund Camp Lions for the Visually & Hearing Impaired in Illinois.
It's a great way to let the children know how they can help their fellow citizens and an important lesson in recycling resources.

Some of our Lions attended the District 1J annual bowling tournament in January and put on a pretty good show. Lion Eric Raymond came in with the best overall series of 587 (165-221-201). I donít believe we won anything but all of us had a really fun time. I had a pretty decent series myself but, was even happier that I took a couple of dollars from Lion John Liberti of the Elmhurst Evening club!! Last year he cleaned me out.

Calendar of Events:
We still need a Chairperson for the Diabetes awareness project in March. If you are interested in helping on this program, please contact Lion Ernie.
The District 1J Zone meeting is schedule for Feb. 16th at Angeloís in Elmhurst. If you would like to attend, please notify Lion Ernie.
As always, the calendar of our activities and meetings is on our website. www.lombardlions.org Please go there and check it out so you will have no excuse why you didnít know what was going on, or when it was going on. Please call or write me anytime you have a gripe or a suggestion for the newsletter. It is your club. Get involved!

See you at the next meeting, take care and God bless,
Lion Dom

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