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Lombard Lions Club Minutes
Board Meeting
SD #44 Administration Offices
July 12, 2005

Members Present (14): Caputo, Friedrichs, Hulseberg, Kershaw, Kudulis, Orr, Pulice, Turcotte, Wilk Sr., Bimber, Iorii, Pekny, Rentz, Tobey

President Friedrichs brought the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m.

Lion Bimber made a motion to accept the May 10, 2005 minutes as presented. Lion Turcotte seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.

Lion Caputo read the financial report.

Lion Wilk Sr. presented information regarding the replacement of Sarah’s Shack with tents purchased from “The Sportsman’s Guide”. The approximate price of each tent being $179.00. Lion Hulseberg would get a members discount. A discussion of options took place. Lion Caputo agreed to look into several options including the borrowing (donation) of a commercial grade tent from the same company that lends us the cotton candy machines. Sarah’s Shack will be stored in the meantime. Lion Rentz agreed to store it if the current location becomes unavailable.

Lion Turcotte made a motion to accept the proposed budget with the exception of the cruise night event. The motion was seconded by Lion Tobey. During discussion Lion Rentz amended the motion asking for the “World Affairs” $1050.00 expense to be dropped from the budget, Lion Caputo seconded. The amendment was passed in a 5 to 4 vote. The motion to accept the budget with the amendment was passed unanimously.

Lion Hulseberg made a presentation requesting support for Richard Kossak, Jr., who underwent a heart transplant in April. A benefit raffle is being sponsored by the Lombard Fire Department. Lion Ross made a motion that we donate $200.00, the motion was seconded by Lion Kershaw and passed unanimously.

The board reviewed the current chairperson list. The additions were Lion Kershaw to chair the Christmas Luncheon with Lion Tobey as co-chair. Lion Iorii will chair the annual Christmas party.

Lion Turcotte and Lion Bimber gave a brief presentation on Candy Day asking for members to begin their quest for corporate sponsors - pre-printed letters are available for those that needed them. So far we are about $600.00 behind last year.

Lion Tobey stated he has two new potential members and asked the board to keep a look out for new prospective members.

Lion Kershaw presented a potential new fundraiser. The fundraiser is based on a calendar that would include 72 coupons provided by local businesses as paid advertisements. These calendars would be sold by Lions and other not-for-profits with the proceeds being split. The proposal was tabled pending additional research.

The next board meeting will be held at the Lombard Park District Administrative office unless otherwise notified.

Lion Caputo stated that the lunch at the Old Country Buffet would cost around $.30 more in the future.

There being no further business, Lion Bimber made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 1:15 p.m. Lion Turcotte seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lion W. Scott Tobey

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