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DATE: March 20, 2005

Community Vision & Hearing program:
We have given assistance to 6 more residents since my last report. This brings us to a total of 16 residents (adults & children) that we have helped this year alone.
So far we have spent $750.00 on this budget. If we were still using the old system, helping 15 residents would have cost us approx. $4,000.00.

New Member Department:
Thanks to Lion Scott and Lion Ernie we have a couple of new members inducted into our club. Please welcome and add these 2 new members to your club roster books.

Ed A. Bedard
G. Matt Kershaw

Please try and make these guys feel welcome and help them get involved on our projects and the services we provide to the public.

Where we spend your money Department:
This monthís board meeting saw us donate nothing.

Eyeglasses Recycling:
During the Month of March the Lombard Lions Club recycled over 900 pairs of used eyeglasses and several used hearing aids.

Lion of the year award:
Every year we have an election for our Lombard Lions', "Lion of the Year". For several years the secretary of the club has been very successful at the task of collecting the votes, keeping it secret and ordering the plaque for the winner. The Votes were cast at todayís general meeting in secret ballot, and for those members that are unable to attend the general meeting; you have until April 1st to e-mail Paul (our secretary) at pfriedrichs@lombardparks.com with the name of the Lion of your choice. The deadline is April 1st because of time constraints for ordering the award. The award is presented at the Dinner on June 6th. Rather than take a chance of not recognizing someone who deserves the Award, your choice hopefully will be for that Lombard Lion that is most deserving for this year, 2004/2005. Keep in mind that the president is ineligible.

Calendar of Events:
The next big project on our calendar is the Lilac Festival and our Brat & Hot Dog stand at Mr. Zís on Main Street on Sunday May 15th. This will be the last time we can count on Lion Bill Hearle to donate storage of all our supplies for this event. Lion Bill is retired from his Veterinarian practice and has his home up for sale. He and the lovely Karen are planning on living in Florida in the winter and Michigan in the summer. We all thank you Lion Bill for all the years you have put us up in your home and for all you have contributed to this club in all aspects of this organization. The board is working on a new place to store all of our stuff.
Now, we need volunteers to help set up Sarahís Shack at Mr. Zís and to work the Brat stand and to tear it down on Sunday after the parade. I am imploring some or all of you younger guys to come out after the parade to help us tear it down and put it away. It is getting harder every year for the guys (over 50) to clean up. Especially, since most of them work the entire day at the parade and are dragging at the end of it. You guys all signed up to this club to help on projects. Well, this is where we need you now so, PLEASE come out and help us.

Monday June 6th is our annual Golf outing and Installation Dinner. Please plan on attending. It is held every year at the Bloomingdale Golf Club. Golf usually starts around 11 a.m. and the festivities later include cocktails at 6:00 pm and dinner at 7:00 pm. Please advise Lion Ross Caputo of your intentions on attending and whether or not you will be there with your wife, girlfriend etc.
As always, the calendar of our activities and meetings is on our website. www.lombardlions.org. Please go there and check it out so you will have no excuse why you didnít know what was going on, or when it was going on. Please call or write me anytime you have a gripe or a suggestion for the newsletter. It is your club. Get involved!

See you at the next meeting, take care and God bless,
Lion Dom

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