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Date: May 10, 2005

Community Vision & Hearing program:
We have given assistance to 1 more resident since my last report. This brings us to a total of 18 residents (adults & children) that we have helped this year alone.
So far we have spent $900.00 on this budget. If we were still using the old system, helping 17 residents would have cost us approx. $4,500.00.

New Member Department:
Lion Scott has asked me to remind all Lions to invite someone to a meeting as a perspective member. We came up a little short of our goal to add 3 new members to our roster last month (we only had 2 new members) so please help us find some good people willing to put in some time and effort enabling us in our fight against vision and hearing impairment.

Where we spend your money Department:
Last month I explained how we give out 4 different scholarship awards every year. We spent a total of $ 4,500.00 of the clubs funds on this program.
This month your board entertained motions to help out 4 different requests for donations. We decided to give $ 1,600.00 to District # 44 to defray the cost of a Titmus Vision Screener. This machine will be available to grade school students and will be located at the Madison Elementary School in Lombard. We also sent a check to the DuPage Senior Citizen Council, in the amount of $ 500.00, to help with the many programs they offer to seniors (including the ďmeals on wheels programĒ). We also donated $ 500.00 to Glenbard East H.S. so they can purchase some much needed equipment for use by their students with vision & hearing disabilities. Last but not least we gave $ 300.00 to the M.S. Society for their bike-a-thon (our own Lion George Rentz rides in this event every year to help them in their cause.)

Calendar of Events:
I am repeating last months item here because we NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!
The next big project on our calendar is the Lilac Festival and our Brat & Hot Dog stand at Mr. Zís on Main Street on Sunday May 15th.
Now, we need volunteers to help set up Sarahís Shack at Mr. Zís on Saturday, May 14. Volunteers will meet at Lion Geoge Rentzís business (Villa Park Auto Body, 100 S. Villa Avenue) at 10:00 a.m. to pick up the stuff and then on to Mr. Zís (about 10:45 a.m.) to set it up.
We will need help all day on Sunday, May 15 at Mr. Zís to work the Brat & Hot Dog stand. We need people to help in many areas of the stand so, donít be shy about attending. Then after the parade is over, WE NEED YOUNG VOLUNTEERS to help tear the shack apart and put it into storage again. I am imploring some or all of you younger guys to come out after the parade to help us tear it down and put it away. It is getting harder every year for the guys (over 50) to clean up. Especially, since most of them work the entire day at the parade and are dragging at the end of it. You guys all signed up to this club to help on projects. Well, this is where we need you now so, PLEASE come out and help us.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lion Steve Wilk Sr. for his efforts in putting our entry together for the parade this year. We are doing a take off on ďThe Wizard of OzĒ Thanks also to Lion Dave Orr and his friend for the donation of all the hot dog & brat buns again this year. The money saved here is tremendous. Thanks to Lion Steve Kudulis for carving up all the onions and not complaining or even shedding one tear about it. Thanks to Lion Ernie for all the work he has done in on this particular project this year. He has the un-daunting task of trying to compensate for Lion Ross not being able to attend and we all know how much Lion Ross has always done on this project. Thanks also to Lion Gerry Goclan for heading up the Hot Dog/Brat stand once again and for letting us use his facility and equipment. Thanks also to Lion Bill Hearle for all the years of storage and thanks to Lion Dave Hulseberg for offering to store all the stuff at his home, now that Lion Bill is moving away. There are many more Lions to thank for their efforts and Iím sure I have neglected to put their names down here but we all know who they are and what they do and itís time we all thank them too by pulling our fair share.

The 1st Annual Night Walk:
This event is the first of itís kind for Lions all over Illinois. The Lions of Illinois Foundation is trying to pump up their coffers to help the people in their vision program by having a walk-a-thon at the Danada Equestrian Center in Wheaton on Sunday June 5th. If you are interested in attending or just chipping in a couple of bucks, please call Lion Ernie T. or Lion Scott Tobey and they will assist you in obtaining your goal.

Installation Dinner and Golf Outing:
Monday June 6th is our annual Golf outing and Installation Dinner. Please plan on attending. It is held every year at the Bloomingdale Golf Club. Golf usually starts around 11 a.m. and the festivities later include cocktails at 6:00 pm and dinner at 7:00 pm. The dinner is usually excellent as we have a Pig Roast, Barbecue Ribs and all the trimmings and fixings that go along with it. Please advise Lion Ross Caputo of your intentions on attending and whether or not you will be there with your wife, girlfriend etc.
As always, the calendar of our activities and meetings is on our website. www.lombardlions.org Please go there and check it out so you will have no excuse why you didnít know what was going on, or when it was going on. Please call or write me anytime you have a gripe or a suggestion for the newsletter. It is your club. Get involved!

See you at the next meeting, take care and God bless,
Lion Dom

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