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DATE: September 17, 2004

Did you go out and collect last weekend for the kick off of Candy Days? If not, you will get other chances to get involved before October 31st. You also have plenty of time to get out your corporate underwriting letters. You may send them to anyone including businesses, friends, family, even those who donít like you but who do enjoy giving. Please let our Chairman Lion Jerry Bimber or Lion President Ernie Turcotte know if you need any supplies, letters, envelopes, return envelopes. They will gladly get these items to you upon request. Lion Jerry says we are only at 1/3 of our goal for this year but, we have 6 more weeks to get it all in so, donít quit now. Lion Ernie reminded me at the board meeting that our challenge this year was to collect so much money during Candy Days that there wonít be a need to run any raffles later this year. Please do your part!

Free Family Appreciation Spaghetti Dinner
Mark your calendars now for this fun event on Friday Night, October 22nd at 6:10 p.m.. Info to follow.

Community Vision & Hearing program
Lion Scott Tobey and I have begun our community outreach program to help those in need of vision & hearing exams. This past month we helped 2 teenagers who needed eye exams and glasses, and 2 younger children who needed glasses replaced but, no exam. We are using a new program with Lenscrafters of America. They sell us $ 50.00 vouchers (good to purchase any glasses in the store worth up to $ 90.00. So far everyone has been extremely satisfied with the new program. We will keep you informed of our progress and will report to you whenever we reach out to help someone in our community .

Hearing Screening Bus:
Lion Dave Hulseberg has set up the Lions International Hearing screening bus to be at The Carlisle in Lombard on Butterfield Rd. on September 29th between the hours of 11:00 am and 5:00 pm. Please let him know if you can help out any time between those hours. He only needs you to be there for an hour so please call him and tell him you will help out.

Where does it all go Department:
Last month I reported to you that we donated $ 600.00 to the Lombard Fire Department for the purchase of (4) Knox Boxes. Knox boxes are for residents who have some sort of physical disability and might not be able to let an emergency team into their home if needed. The boxes are placed on or near the front door of the residents home and it holds a key for entry into the building. Only the Fire Department has a key, which can open the boxes. I met with Lt. Ron Rakosnik a couple of weeks ago and presented him with the check. He was extremely grateful for our continued interest in the benefit of our community and when I asked if any other charitable organizations, in Lombard, donated to the program, he told me we were the ONLY one! Lion Ernie and I had a photo taken with him at the Village Hall and hopefully, with a little publicity in the Lombardian, other organizations will join us in making this a worthwhile venture.

Last month we also donated monies to send 3 high school students to the World Affairs seminar in Whitewater Wisconsin. All 3 students who attended came to our 1st meeting in September and reported all that they had learned and benefitted from this experience. This seminar has students from all over the world get together and discuss how we can all live together in peace and freedom.

Dead Beat Dept.:
It has come to the boardís attention that a couple of our members are very behind in the paying of their account. Although this is not something I like to discuss out loud, I have to let you know it is going on. The board has decided to contact those who are behind and offer them a chance to catch up in a reasonable amount of time. Any member who has been delinquent for 90 days or more and has paid nothing toward his/her past due account will be dropped from the clubs roster. Any member who has a problem with their billing should contact Lion Ross or President Ernie and discuss it right away.

New Member Dept.:
Lion Ernie has asked me to invite you to invite a friend to a meeting. October is, traditionally, membership month and we would like to be in on the bandwagon of finding a person who is willing to give back to the community. Please ask someone you know, who is willing to work and enjoy the fellowship of some fine, community minded, people , to come to a meeting soon. Lion Ray Jurgensen knew full well that new members are the life blood of this organization. He was brilliant at getting people to join. Unfortunately we donít have Lion Ray with us anymore and the burden is on us now to make up for his efforts. Some of us (with the exception of Lion Ross of course) are getting older and cannot do some of the physical things we used to do. We sure could use some young fresh faces to guarantee the future of our club and the important work we do in it.

Blonde Dept.:
Two blondes are walking down the street. One notices a ladies compact on the ground. She picks it up, opens it and sees the reflection in the mirror. She says, ďThis face looks familiarĒ. The other blonde takes it from her, looks in the mirror and says, ď Of course it looks familiar silly, itís meĒ

Calendar of Events:
The calendar of our activities and meetings is on our website. www.lombardlions.org Please go there and check it out so, you will have no excuse why you didnít know what was going on or when it was going on. Please call or write me anytime you have a gripe or a suggestion for the newsletter. It is your club. Get involved!

See you at the next meeting, take care and God bless,
Lion Dom

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